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Welcome To Dewees Island, SC - a town located in the low country!

Dewees Island is a barrier island, located approximately 11 miles north of Charleston, and has an area of 1.875 square miles. The inlet between it and the Isle of Palms is shown on early maps as Spence's Inlet, and is today called Dewees Inlet. The island is private, consisting only of residential properties and a nature preserve. Dewees is accessible by private ferry or private boat.

The first modern residential homes on Dewees were built during the 1980s on the south end of the island by the Royalls, R. "Bobby" Kennedy IV, and others. After the island was devastated by Hurricane Hugo, in 1989, the investors invited John Knott to consider further development, and Island Preservation Partnership ("IPP") was formed in 1991. With great sensitivity to "living in harmony with nature", the island was laid out to accommodate 150 building lots, and the infrastructure was put in place. "Sales and building followed quickly," according to the POA. The first new homes were built in the 1990s and the island was ceded to the Property Owners in 2007 and has since been managed by the POA Board and the Dewees Utility Corporation (the "DUC"). As of 2020, the island has 150 home sites and very strict building codes requiring a "small footprint and very little clearing of natural vegetation." Information as to the sale of homes or lots is listed on the Dewees Island website. The island's Clubhouse, with its chef's kitchen, includes facilities for social and recreational functions as well as a pool and tennis courts. There are no restaurants or stores on Dewees Island. ~ the above taken from Wikipedia

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